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Page 3 - Alternative Power Installations Gallery

  This page shows some examples of how working in with builders & owners already on site can produce great cost effective results  
  I like the way this 1400 watt array was able to be nestled in amongst the trees. Paul, the home owner, got the concrete panel fondations spot on, built a neat little shed to house the system and saved some $   1400 watt ground mount array with BP Solar mono panels Builders on this site did a great job of concreteing in the heavy wooden poles for us. Thanks John & Crew  

A single out back installation in a purpose built shed by

Far North Building Services Limited

another 1400 watt array. Good size for most "average houses" if there is such a thing! Builders Far North Building Services did a great job of the concrete foundations for us

single frame of panels. Power output 700watts approx

Thanks for your help Adam

  Side Veiw of the nice little power shed and battery box by Far North Building Services LTD  
  Example of a water pumping installation on a farm run off. To run mains power to the site would have cost approximately 4 X as much The farmer ramed in some heavy posts for us. Cheers Paul  

Twin Outback installation with Flexnet monitoring fitted. Flexnet allows the batteries state of charge to be monitored precisely. Sealed FX inverters were chosen due to this installations maritime environment

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